The Entrepreneur in You - Meet Taylor Rozenblat

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself :

A: My name is Taylor and I am a 24 year old entrepreneur and Real Estate Broker from Montreal. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit in me since I grew up with both parents being entrepreneurs. While studying in communications when I was 18 years old, I started a music blog called SoundandNoize. I worked extremely hard on it and it opened a lot of doors for me. In fact, I had the chance to do a lot of interviews with big artists such as Tiesto, Chainsmokers, Swedish House Mafia etc. I also had the chance to work for Ultra Music Festival in Miami as the Canadian representative - alongside I did marketing for Dave Grutman at Groot Hospitality. Before Covid, I hosted events for Art Basel & at the Edition Hotel in NYC. 

During covid there wasn't much I could do for my blog in terms of music & events. That being said, I am always looking for new opportunities to be creative and do business. I then started my own business called Picnic MTL, which is a customized bohemian picnic setup. I realized that there was a need for outside gatherings, so that's how I came up with the idea of creating  “PicnicMTL”, to allow people to have beautiful gatherings despite the global situation we were in.

Q: What are you up to now? :

A: I still run the blog and Picnic MTL, even though I started hiring people to do the day to day work. At the moment, I mostly work as a Real Estate Broker for my family business which I love to do, since I have always been passionate about architecture and interior design. Even though the music blog, the picnic company and being a real estate agent might all seem like such varied industries, they all allow me to be creative, network and put my best skills to use.

Q: Owning 2 successful businesses as well as having a full time job is so impressive! Do you have any tips on how you became so successful?

A: Of course! Here are some of my personal tricks I've always been doing that have helped me a lot in my career so far.

1- Keep going

There will be days when you won't be motivated but you just have to keep going. Get yourself out of bed. Go for a walk, listen to music or do something you love. This will help you get out of your funk, back on track and focused towards your goals. 

2- 365 Consistency

From social media marketing to successfully running a business, consistency is key
Do something everyday to achieve your goal. From posting every day on social media to doing one thing daily that will bring you closer to your goal, consistency is how you will stand out.

3- Goal setting and manifestation

At the beginning of each year, I like to write down about 10 goals for the year. With these goals (can be personal or business), I try to achieve and focus on one goal each month. It’s important to dream big but your goals also have to be attainable and realistic. I also go in-depth when writing my goals and try to be as specific as I can so they’re easier to attain. I remind myself of these goals all the time. I like to write down my goals and how I want my life to be, as I truly believe that you will attract good things into your life by manifesting them.

4- Grow your personal brand will help grow your businesses

Growing my personal brand/myself, has definitely helped me in my other businesses. My main tip would be to network as much as possible. Go to networking events or events related to your industry, reach out to other professionals in your industry, etc... You can also grow your personal brand on your personal instagram by being consistent, engaging with others and posting things that are true to yourself and represent you and you're aesthetic.

Written By

Taylor Rozenblat