Top 5 Principles of Online User Experience - by EMROC Digital

The main focus of user experience (UX) design is ensuring that the user’s experience with the product they are using is positive and seamless, and they should feel as though their needs are being met. It is a design method which requires taking the perspective of the user and avoiding the assumption that what makes sense to you will make sense to a new user. 

There are many principles of user experience, but we’ve rated our top 5 at EmRoc that we abide by to create websites that every user can enjoy. 


1. Usability 

Arguably the most important principle of design is usability. Your design must be safe and easy to use to ensure the user has a seamless experience on your site. Minimalist designs that have clear call-to-actions and link buttons and don’t include overwhelming amounts of information are user-friendly because they help the user navigate easily and find what they are looking for.


2. Visual hierarchy 

Visual hierarchy is related to how the information is presented on the screen. This principle optimizes navigation throughout the site. By presenting important primary information first, the user does not get lost in the breakdown on the website. It creates a consistent flow throughout your layout for users to easily navigate from point A to point B.


3. Accessibility 

It is important for your design to be accessible to all, which includes people with disabilities. To ensure your website is accessible, use elements such as color contrasts and consistent headings, adapt your interface to various screen types and use simple language wherever possible.  

4. Responsiveness

Your website should be designed to accommodate all screen types. Because users are often navigating on mobile, your design must be well adapted to both. Often features that look great on desktop are not as mobile-friendly and vice versa.


5. Speed

One of the key aspects of website navigation is the processing speed. If your website is slow to load, users will often leave the site or feel frustrated during their experience. Regular speed testing is highly recommended for optimal use and ensuring your users come back to visit your website.

By designing with your user in mind, you create a natural experience and set yourself up to make a positive impression on your customers. As the world turns digital, the people you are trying to attract to your product or service will form their first impression of your business based off of what they see online. The more attractive and intuitive your website is, the more likely people will be to go on to the next steps towards purchasing your product or requesting your services.

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